Authority To Act

In accordance with Section 181 of the Australian Customs Act, I/We do hereby authorise Blue Water Shipping Pty Ltd, it's nominees and/or sub agents as may be appointed from time to time, to act as my/our Customs Agent for the purposes of the Customs Act 1901 as amended, at all places in the Commonwealth. We further authorise Blue Water Shipping Pty Ltd. or it’s nominated agent to complete DAWE (Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment) processing and associated functions as required. We authorise Blue Water Shipping Pty Ltd, to co-ordinate and arrange forwarding, handling, delivery and all other matters related to the processing of import documents and goods as required on our behalf We authorise Blue Water Shipping Pty Ltd to provide our company details as may be required by the Australian Taxation Office and GST legislation in respect of imported goods at the time of entry for home consumption or entry for warehousing with the Australian Customs & Border Protection Service, and in relation to the reporting and associated processing of import/export cargo. I/We agree to pay upon invoice Blue Water Shipping all associated costs involved with any further directions as implied by Australian Customs or DAWE for the final clearance and release of my/our goods. (Unforeseen charges may not be included in original quote/invoice). We agree that all transactions undertaken by Blue Water Shipping Pty Ltd., it's nominees and/or it's agents on behalf of myself/this company, are done so subject to their Standard Trading Terms and Conditions.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions;

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